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Level 3 in Close Protection

Level 3 in Close Protection

HABC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection (QCF)

Under the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001, all individuals wishing to work in the private security industry must undertake a recognised qualification before applying for a licence.

The HABC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection has been developed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It is based on the relevant SIA ‘Specifications for Learning and Qualifications for Close Protection Operatives’ and provides the necessary skills and knowledge for those who wish to apply for an SIA licence and work as a Close Protection Operative.

The qualification comprises of 3 mandatory units:

  1. Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry
  2. Working as a Close Protection Operative and
  3. Planning, Preparing and Supporting a close Protection Operation

This qualification can enable the learner to progress onto a range of qualifications such as the Foundation Degree in Protective Security Management from Bucks New Uni. Learners successfully completing the licence to practice qualification in Close Protection can be awarded 16 credits towards this Foundation Degree. Also the Foundation Degree in Crowd and Safety Management and the Certificate in Terrorism Studies.

Close Protection Operatives are more and more in demand than ever before due to the present rise in both Criminal and Terrorist activities with many Close Protection Operatives working in Hostile countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the New Private Security Act 2001 and the introduction of the Security Industry Authority it has now become a legal requirement for anyone wishing to work within the security industry to be fully trained by an approved SIA training company in order that they may obtain their licence.

This course offers those candidates who are both new and old to the close protection industry the opportunity to obtain a recognised qualification in their chosen field.

This course is run over a 17 day period at our Phoenix HQ Training Centre in Hastings, East Sussex.

It is part of the Security Industry Authority requirement that you will be taught the following subjects with a minimum guided learning hours:

  • Skills and Team Work in Close Protection.
  • Law and Legislation in Close Protection.
  • Assessment, Planning and Route Selection.
  • Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Incidents and Dilemmas.
  • Techniques for Close Protection Operatives.
  • Communications and Conflict Management.
  • Convoy Driving Skills.
  • Project Work.
  • Anti Ambush Drills.
  • Actions on Drills: Vehicle Breakdown – Cross Decking Drills.
  • Use of Body Cover.
  • Equipment used by a Close protection Operative.
  • Travel Security.
  • First Aid. (addtional course)

Two days of the course will be spent learning about the recognition of Improvised Explosive devices and the effects on armoured vehicles and buildings.

During the course you will be taught everything you need know to obtain your Close Protection licence from the Security Industry Authority and enter into this unique field.

S.I.A. Training Consultants Ltd will assist you with completing your application form for the licence and act as counter signatories to confirm your details if required.

The course will be predominantly hands on with plenty of scenario based learning skills and activities with visits from guest speakers (depending on their availability).

Candidates will carry out practical exercises at our training centre and will be required to carry out evening study prior to taking the final exams.

All candidates are to ensure that they are physically fit prior to starting the course.

Our aim is to give you the right skills necessary to operate in a Close Protection Role anywhere in the world including hostile environments.

Candidates will be constantly assessed throughout the course by the instructors and assessors on their performance, attitude and ability.

 Candidates will be required to undertake a project in planning an assignment as part of their course work.


You will be informed of the assessments throught the duration of the course. Assessments will involve both Multiple Choice exams and portfolio work.

The minimum contact hours for this qualifications are 139.5 hours of the required 140 guided learning hours.

Centre: Hastings, East Sussex

Dates: 6th March 2017 (Over 15 days)

Cost: £1100.00 Fully inclusive of VAT, candidate registration fee, Exam fee, and all handouts

Including First Aid (Bolt-On Course)

Cost: £1200.00 Fully inclusive of Close Protection course, VAT, candidate registration fee, Exam fee, and all handouts. FAW course is 3 days bolted on to the end of your 15 day Close Protection course making the course 18 days in duration.

Deposit: Deposit of £300.00 required to reserve your place, balance to be paid prior to starting the course, unless the candidate has signed a payment plan