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Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Phoenix SIA provide uniformed security officers to conduct high profile mobile patrol services. We provide corporate and industrial building site mobile security patrol services and security guarding officers to protect your business. Our SIA licensed staff use security cars and security vans to safe guard your premises. Our patrol officers can also carry out the following services:Mokka

  • Lock down and unlock patrols
  • External and internal building patrols
  • Lone worker checks
So what actually is a "Mobile Patrol"?

A mobile security patrol service is exactly what it says on the tin. They are highly visible patrols of your premises and buildings to idenity and ultimately prevent crime which could have a big impact on your business. One of the advantages of a Mobile Patrol is the flexibility. At Phoenix SIA & Event Safety we understand that this cost effective service needs to be flexible. It needs to be timed with your lock ups or your staff. That is why we can tailor this service to best suit your requirements. If that means you need frequent checks throughout the day and night, we will brief our guards accordingly. If you would prefer to know when the our patrols will be visiting the property, we can provide you with a schedule.

If our Response Officer detects suspicious activity then it will be dealt with in a swift and effective manner. We will remove un-authorised individuals, protect and prevent against intruders as we as deter other criminal activity. This service also helps landlords looking after vacant property. Our highly visible response vehicles are proven as an effective deterent.

All patrols are recorded and daily reports are provided electronically to clients detailing the time and duration of each visit along with any incident reports or alarm activation details.Phoenix SIA & ES Ltd can also provide a fully managed out of hours service, for example we can contact your chosen contractors such as engineers, boarding up services etc. This is an ideal solution for managing agents, Primary Care Trusts and Councils or any business with a portfolio of properties.

Benefit's to you:

Phoenix SIA offers all potential clients a free, no obligation, security consultation to determine which our services they require. This consultation is the most important part of the process as this will determine exactly what the clients specific needs and requirements are, and allows Phoenix SIA & ES Ltd to tailor make our services around the client.

All our clients then recieve regular communication, detailed method statements & risk assessments. We promise to attend any Multi-Agency Meeting and can provide references of the services we have provided to other satisfied clients.

Contact Details:

Phoenix SIA is able to provide a wide variety of security services to our clients. If you can't see exactly what you're looking for, please contact us. We are always happy to tailor our service to your specific requirements.