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Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding

Manned guarding in Sussex and throughout the UK

Manned guardingHere at Phoenix SIA, we have years of experience in providing manned guarding for a range of customers throughout the UK.

Our dedicated team have the skills and knowledge to safeguard anything from a small factory or office building, to larger buildings such as colleges or hospitals.

Security providers you can trust

You're probably reading this because you have something valuable that you need to protect. That could be goods, employees or premises. Don't leave it to chance, contact us today to discuss your requirements. The team that we provide can be much more than a deterent. Through guarding, electronic security and years of experience, we offer some of the most effective security measures on the market. Our service offers excellent protection against intruders, thieves and un-wanted guests.

What will we do?

  • Patrolling your site to prevent and detect any signs of intrusion,
  • Ensuring the buildings security,
  • Monitor employees, visitors and other persons entering and exiting the building to guard against theft and maintain the building's security,
  • Maintain reports detailing daily activites and irregularities,
  • Liase with colleagues, other agencys and contractors,

This is a rough list. We recognise that every client is unique, and as such it's impossible to write a list of our duties. As part of our initial meeting, we will draft this list to your bespoke requirements. Ultimately, you're the one employing us, we will follow your requirements to the letter.

Our reputation for excellence

Throughout our years in the security business, the team here at Phoenix SIA have emerged as one of the most reputable and trusted manned guarding providers in the UK.

This is thanks to our dedicated and professional staff, who not only take care to offer a high quality security service, but to integrate and work within your existing team to provide a seamless and cohesive security service.

As we also offer free quotes and consistent updates of all progress, you can count on the team at Phoenix SIA for first class manned guarding in Sussex.

SSIAB registered company, meaning all our staff meet the British recognized standards within the security industry. They also recieve annual refreshers, bespoke site training and regular site visits by members of our management team.

Call our security specialists in Hastings now on 0800 999 2447 to arrange your manned guarding in Sussex.