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DNA Grease

DNA Grease

SelectaDNA kitSelectaDNA Grease is used to uniquely identify materials which are at risk to theft. Once a thief handles those goods, the grease transfers onto his or her hands and clothing. The criminal is then irrefutably linked to the crime scene. The grease is almost impossible to remove, and contains both a UV tracer and the unique DNA code.

The grease is ideal for outside use on metals, such as zinc, copper piping and lead roofing, which are all particularly vulnerable to theft at present.

The cost of lead has nearly trebled over the last 18 months, thus making it extremely attractive to would be thieves. Don't by a victim of copper theft - buy your SELECTADNA Grease today.

100ml of the Grease will mark approximately 25 linear metres using the 3cm wide paintbrush supplied in the kits.


  • 50ml = £140.00
  • 100ml = £225.00
  • 200ml = £335.00
  • 500ml = £660.00
Prices include VAT and Postage

Please note:
The price of this kit is a ONE-OFF cost. You will NOT be committing yourself to recurring Annual Licence Fees

Marking Up Service:

Why not take us up on our Marking Up Service??

As part of the small cost, you will get a trained member of Phoenix SIA staff attend your property at your convenience to mark up all your posessions.

Included in the price, Phoenix staff will mark and log all items, and this information will be stored on a secured database, where yourself or the Police can get access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Overall, our Marking Up Service will save you money, time, and has the added benefit of knowing that all the information obtained is secure.


You get all the product benefits from Phoenix SIA and SelectaDNA. This includeds from Phoenix SIA a manned phone line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Peace of mind that we are there for you.

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